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Thursday, May 12, 2011

frankie muniz 2009

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  • Little Frankie Muniz of

  • Spyriadon
    Apr 30, 01:10 PM
    THANK CHRIST....sorry :o

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  • Frankie Muniz#39;s girlfriend

  • wizard
    Sep 9, 12:49 PM
    I'm skeptical that Napa64 is a different chipset then the standard Intel 945 mobile series. Core 2 Duo works in the same socket as Yonah but somehow you need a Napa64 chipset to get full 64-bit addressing? They haven't changed a thing with the 945. Napa64 is just the 945 chipset with a Merom instead of a Yonah. We won't see any real change until we hit Santa Rosa.

    Well if it gives you 64 bit memory addressing then it certainly is a newer chip I'm not sure what you where expecting an new front side bus maybe? Maybe the chip set (945) is a modest upgrade but in the case of he IMac if it were implemented would have resulted in a larger address space for the PC. That is a real change. It is interesting that Apple apparently didn't implement Napa64 in the new iMac, I do wonder why as the release dates almost coincide.

    As for Santa Rosa what there is so important to you that you want to wait? Just curious as I'm far from being in a position to purchase a new PC at the moment so this discussion doesn't really matter. It is more of a technical interest than anything else.

    Kentsfield is two Conroes on a single die. They don't share cache like the previous Pentium D chips. So they'll each have 4 MB of cache and then communicate over the front side bus.
    That sounds like a description for the old D model but you are saying a single die. Frankly it sounds like a dead end processor to me. Communications between the two subsections should be via a separate communications path. I have this feeling that the manufactures are rushing to quad core a little to fast.


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  • Tagged with: Frankie Muniz

  • bazaarsoft
    Mar 22, 04:14 PM
    What I find extremely interesting is the LACK of rumors on the MacBook - it's the oldest Mac in the lineup and is extremely overdue for an upgrade (almost double it's normal product cycle). :confused:

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  • Frankie Muniz

  • taxiapple
    Apr 4, 12:08 PM
    It is not like a mall rent a cop went up and shot the suspect in the head.

    Two of them were armed and 40 shots were exchanged.

    one bad guy is dead and two were captured.

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  • Frankie Muniz and Girlfriend

  • Rafterman
    Apr 22, 06:53 AM
    A great point, it's kind of funny how consumers have let the media lead us into believing we need clouded services out of everything. I can understand streaming television and films, but what is so hard about syncing your music at home once or twice a week?

    True. There are also a bunch of products that allow you to set up your own streaming services, like StreamtoMe, which even supports encrypted iTunes files now. And not just music, but video too, and best of all, you have complete control over everything. Its not for everyone, like people without the necessary hardware or great technical skills. But if set up properly, its just as good as anything Apple or Google can provide.

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  • Steve Nash middot; Frankie Muniz

  • MrFirework
    Oct 27, 12:24 PM
    ...Uh, Internet law 2001-B... because he's the international scapegoat of this decade. He must be blamed for all unfortunate and tragic events, no matter when, where, how or why they occured. Including and not limited to natural disasters, "acts of God", actions by foreign powers and anything else that blame could possibly (no matter how illogically) be assigned to. Because, dammit, if there were anyone else sitting in that oval office, the world would have progressed into a virtual utopia by now. :rolleyes:

    My predictions for the next presidency: A variation of the same old ****, completely different guy.

    Well spoken.

    P.S. Where's all the news stories about how G.W.B. STOPPED the influx of hurricaines he CAUSED last year?

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  • Man, I hate Frankie Muniz.

  • babyj
    Sep 2, 06:51 PM
    It had better do. The British public (those who pay license, which like 99% do) has the legal right to every single piece of footage, news story, radio recording etc. etc. the BBC has ever produced, but we have access to about 1% of it.

    It's a big point of controversy here. Partly it's been due to technology limitations, but pretty soon there'll be no excuse, and the BBC should be right off the bat finding new ways to deliver what belongs to us.

    I don't think it is that simple. There are obstacles to the BBC offering more material in digital formats, if they could they would. Plus they already offer far more than any other tv companies in the UK at present.

    Everyone seems far too pre-occupied with the USA, forgetting the fact that there is very little (ie none) tv content available to users outside the USA. I'd of thought addressing that would be higher on the list of priorities than offering movies to the USA, especially as there isn't any real opposition for the movie market at present.

    More important in the UK though is the Premiership (the top football/soccer league in the UK) - if they started offering complete games for download at say £2 each they'd probably sell out of iPods within a week. It worked for Sky and I'm sure it would for Apple / iTunes.

    A bigger threat is Microsofts new 'ipod killer', so I'd be surprised if there isn't a major make over for the iPod range soon - definetly in time for Christmas. No doubt it will be better for watching video, with a movie store following later.

    I don't see upgrades to the existing Mini/iMac/Macbook range being that news worthy. Nor is an enhanced home media server type offering likely to be coming soon, I'd of thought that will come in Leopard.

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  • Frankie Muniz

  • Calidude
    Apr 22, 02:42 AM
    I hate this cloud crap. All just an excuse to take away the consumers control of what they buy or use.

    We need a boycott.

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  • frankie muniz photos

  • dante@sisna.com
    Sep 19, 02:32 PM
    couldn't apple develop something into itunes that lets you watch while it is downloading? is this possible?

    You can watch while downloading.

    I was able to begin about 5 minutes into download -- barely enough time to get the snacks.

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  • Frankie Muniz and his

  • Surely
    Apr 20, 10:22 AM
    Section 4b: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iphone.pdf

    That section states that by turning off Location Services, the data won't be tracked/collected. I think that these guys are saying that the data still is being collected, regardless of what your Location settings are.

    It also appears from the granularity of the data that it isn't reliant on Core Location being active on the phone. In other words, the phone isn't logging your location only when you call up a GPS-enabled app and when the little compass needle warning icon appears in the top bar -- if it were, you'd expect most people's data to be mostly blank, with brief entries when they use Maps or another location aware feature. In our testing, however, Victor can see log entries every few minutes, all day, every day -- going back nine months. Meanwhile, Kelly H cannot see anything on her CDMA (i.e. Verizon) iPhone -- it's possible the data is only logged on GSM models. 3G iPads appear to log the info as well.

    from: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/04/20/your-iphone-is-silently-and-constantly-logging-your-location/

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  • Elycia Marie and Frankie Muniz

  • babyj
    Oct 12, 10:01 PM
    I really can't believe some of the posts that have been made here.

    To suggest that the people of Africa deserve to be wiped out by aids as they haven't evolved or kept up with the rest of the world is beyond contempt. I want to say something else but I'm just totally lost for words by your comments.

    I notice no one has commented on the Pope and the Catholic Church forbidding the use of condoms and the effect that has on spreading infection even further.

    Forget about the donation that will be made for every sale. Far more important is the number of people that will be educated on life in third world countries as a result of the promotion. We could do with a lot more companies running similar initiatives.

    Its a bit sad that people are more interested in a new nano, or a core duo 2 macbook than they are in all the people that die every second of every day. Deaths that the western world could do something about but chooses not to. I for one am ashamed that we do so little to help so many people that suffer so much.

    frankie muniz 2009. Middle#39; Star Frankie Muniz
  • Middle#39; Star Frankie Muniz

  • !� V �!
    Apr 30, 06:43 PM
    It has been only 19 months since they changed the look of the iMac.
    In 10/20/09 the released the 21.5" and 27" models with aluminum backing, wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse.

    There is a difference between a revision and a dramatic change. They have not really touch the computer bolted to the back of an LCD screen for a long long time. I loved the look of the Luxo iMac, the BondiBlue would be my second. The slim iMac seems cold and heartless, lack of emotion.

    Disband the the ACD and MacMini and produce an ACD display iMac with a ThunderBolt connector for a MacMini docking station on the base. This will allow for easy upgradability for components, cost and a great deal of other CO2 emissions for production and shipping.

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  • Frankie Muniz Picture in quot;Star

  • nospleen
    Sep 10, 08:29 AM
    My point as just that if intel doubles the number of cores every 6th month, I believe that lifespan of a Mac is going to be substantially shorter. I doubt that the people who just bought a new MacPro realized that their computer would be as fast as an "entry level" computer within a year. Old Macs, like my own MDD, will be deemed to live in a time-bubble with now means of interacting with newer computers.
    Things have certainly changed after the PPC ->x86 transition.

    I am not quite following you. It is not as if your mac will slow down because the new one has more cores? Or, are you saying the requirements to run the software will increase at a faster rate because the hardware is improving so rapidly, thus dating your mac prematurely?

    frankie muniz 2009. DeadlyHandSammich
  • DeadlyHandSammich

  • Silentwave
    Jul 15, 10:12 AM
    Have anybody seen a benchmark which compares the core 2 duo with the actuall core duo?

    I can only see benchmarks between core 2 duo and AMD CPU's and standard dual core Pentium 4 cpu.


    Core 2 duo out so far is a desktop chip being compared against other dektop chips. The Core Duo only came as a notebook chip (with one version as a very low power server chip, Sossaman)

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  • Year of the Ox 2009: Ox

  • vincenz
    Mar 29, 01:37 PM
    I bet these same analysts can predict lottery numbers for the next 4 years too.

    frankie muniz 2009. Take that, Frankie Muniz!
  • Take that, Frankie Muniz!

  • iMacZealot
    Sep 15, 09:50 PM
    It's September. There's three months until Christmas. Apple wont wait that long around this time of year without holding another consumer based event. What will the event be about? Or more importantly, what products will be at this event? Well there will be one product, one major one. The iPhone�. It's coming, and my bet is, it's coming before Christmas.

    The cool new iPods almost always come out at Macworld....before every kid's parents throw the christmas paper from the iPod released in September.

    frankie muniz 2009. Frankie Muniz Owns
  • Frankie Muniz Owns

  • bigbossbmb
    Aug 28, 05:52 PM
    So with all this dumping going on, Apple better have at least equal hardware. They were first out with the core 2 duo xeon and with yonah.

    I don't know about woodcrest...but they were definitely not the first with yonah.

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  • Actor Frankie Muniz, who

  • Westside guy
    Sep 5, 03:16 PM
    This could be either really big or really bad.

    Well, based on past experience here - no matter what is announced, there will be people on this forum complaining that it isn't enough. :p We'll have to wait and see how it (whatever "it" is) plays in Peoria over time.

    Personally I'm hoping for the AV streaming device; and if it ties in with my Tivo that'll be a big plus. :D

    frankie muniz 2009. Frankie Muniz
  • Frankie Muniz

  • reflex
    Aug 29, 03:32 AM
    They don't say Dell or HP. But who makes PC's?

    Just about everyone and their dog? :)

    Sep 12, 02:14 PM
    Exactly what I'm hoping.. I bought my 5G like 3 weeks ago, the only real difference is the software, I don't use videos enough to notice the brighter screen.

    Pretty sure new iPod is still classed as 5G.

    iPod games are compatible with fifth generation iPods only

    Sep 10, 09:28 PM
    I think we all are getting caught up in the "core" crazy a little too much. I understand at a professional level the more cores the better. But Apple has delivered this target market its machine, the Mac Pro. I think the Mac Pro will see even more options in its configurations as time goes on, but I don't see them putting the next biggest and best chip in every product. After all, 90% of home computer users are using thier computers for basic functions and not heavy video or audio work, which means they don't need 4 cores. Apple is focusing on the digital lifestyle and this means they want to sell a customer hardware that will take care of this emerging market, like live streaming video rentals to their large screened LCD TV. I think the Mac Pro is the ever-expanding machine but look for huge price differences in its configs. An $800 difference in 2.66 to 3.0 GHz Xeon? All we do know is that Apple wants to rule the digital livingroom and probably is not concerned with bragging rights. But the obvious is true, there are some big steps ahead in processing power.

    Mar 23, 04:41 PM
    Funny, I just read in USA Today I beleve it was, that law enforcement officers actually prefer people use the apps...saying that even if the app alerts the driver and they change their driving habits for a short time, say, slowing them down from speeding for a few miles...it's a good thing, and they encourage it.
    Besides...who the h*ll is the government to tell Apple what they can and cannot do with their business? Regulations are one thing...such as safety regs and such...those are needed, but Christ...this is over the line.

    This has been reported on multiple times. Even before apps certain stretches of road are well known for the speed traps they (usually) have. The result is people always slow down (annoyingly to like 10 mph UNDER the speed limit) just in case the cop is there. Same thing with the apps. People go "Oh no! a speed trap!" and slow down. Since the purpose of the speed traps is to enforce speed limits it still works for them, they just don't get any money for the tickets.

    Oct 12, 04:00 PM
    No, this is the Target special edition nano that comes with a Target gift card.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that though along that line, lol.

    Apr 22, 11:39 AM
    Love the style and miniaturization being tested out in the Air line. I'd never seriously consider one though unless they made a 15" version. I've been buying mid-size Mac laptops forever, going back to the 14" Wallstreet.

    With my need for real estate (graphics and video editing) and limited use of optical drives and lots of I/O ports on a daily basis, that thin form factor and big screen would be just perfect for me.

    Think it over Apple - thinner is better, but so is bigger!

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