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Thursday, May 12, 2011

hairstyles for women 2011

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  • Wilz
    Oct 27, 04:44 PM
    hahaha, Greenpeace kicked out

    I was at that expo all day today and they didn't turn up

    I got free google t-shirt :)

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  • tblrsa
    Apr 19, 10:58 AM
    I�m a recent Mac User, research reveals the fact that AV companies are crying wolf about OSX being targeted by hackers since 2000 though.

    What I do is scanning my Mail Downloads and Mail folder from time to time with ClamXAV, just to make sure no stupid Windows Trojans are taking up my precious HD Space.
    Everything else is being solved with brain.app. Heck, i�ve even uninstalled Little Snitch, as it bogged down my system performance and it�s not needed if you know what you are doing with your system. I always keep my system up to date with the latest patches from Apple.

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  • Tommyg117
    Sep 12, 02:15 PM
    Pretty sure new iPod is still classed as 5G.
    I was wondering about that too. These are all great upgrades though. I'm very pleased with this keynote.

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  • rowlands
    Nov 13, 08:29 PM
    This will continue until the Google Android threatens the iPhone. Then Apple will change their policy. Right now Apple simply does not have to care.

    I agree, as much as I prefer Apple products over others, this app store rejection malarky seems to be getting funkier and funkier. I can understand it from both sides. However it ain't gonna change until it has to change.

    I'm confident that given time Apple will change their policy. At least RA understand why their software was rejected. A website rejected one of our Mac products, we received a "your app was rejected because of one of these reasons". Then it listed 8 reasons, almost all were in bad Chinglish!

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  • kas23
    Apr 19, 07:09 AM
    Samsung couldn't pull out on any existing deals, otherwise they'd be in breach of contract.

    So what? They're already getting sued by Apple, so what's another lawsuit? Point is, contract breach or not, Samsung could cripple Apple's whole ecosystem within days by halting all processor shipments. Apple makes the vast majority on iDevices and this would kill Apple's whole economic model. And this doesn't even account for Samsungs components that go into their Macs. As a result, Apple would have no hardware to sell. They would dip into their treasure chest. It could be devastating to Apple.

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  • linux2mac
    Apr 28, 10:57 PM
    Really!? You never received a quality product? In 20 years? Please tell.

    The closest was Windows 2000 Professional. I quit at XP.

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  • Yebubbleman
    Apr 25, 02:00 PM
    Image (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/25/next-macbook-pro-to-get-new-case-design/)

    Image (http://images.macrumors.com/article/2011/04/25/013535-mbp.jpg)

    MacRumors has heard reliable confirmation that the next revision of Apple's MacBook Pro line will utilize a new case design for the first time in several years.

    The possibility of a new case design was first revealed by iLounge in February (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/02/23/another-ipad-coming-later-this-year-total-macbook-pro-revamp-in-2012/) just before the early 2011 MacBook Pros were released. iLounge described the most recent updates as the last "incremental" update before an all-new MacBook Pro design.The last time the MacBook Pro was redesigned was in late 2008 with the introduction of the unibody MacBook Pro. The unibody MacBook Pro design which remains in use today offers an iMac-inspired design with a black-bezel and aluminum unibody casing. Unfortunately, we have no specifics on what the next MacBook Pro might look like, though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.

    Article Link: Next MacBook Pro to Get New Case Design (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/04/25/next-macbook-pro-to-get-new-case-design/)

    Eff That! There's nothing wrong with the current design. Nor does it look at all dated. Especially with the port logos being all bold and black now. (Though not like that matters.)

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  • Vegasman
    Mar 30, 01:23 PM
    Again why cant MS just call is their MobileApp store?

    They don't want to call their store "MobileApp" because they already have a store. It's called "Marketplace".

    They would however like to describe their store that called "Marketplace" by saying that it is a store that sells apps. You know, an app store.

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 10, 08:46 AM
    I am not quite following you. It is not as if your mac will slow down because the new one has more cores? Or, are you saying the requirements to run the software will increase at a faster rate because the hardware is improving so rapidly, thus dating your mac prematurely?
    My computers will of course not be slower. But the apps, on the other hand, will become more and more demanding. For example, I cant run Aperture on my MDD (2*1.25/2GB RAM/128MB VRAM). Hell, I cant even run Civ IV on it...lol
    I think this fact will be more and more emphasized as the "core-war" replaces the "GHz war".

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  • darklich
    Apr 4, 11:59 AM
    Seems unfair to kill someone for robbery. Yes they're breaking the law, but only deserve a prison sentence. Do you really really think someone should be shot and killed for attempting to steal a few laptops and smash a few windows? If you do then man you have issues.
    Read the details of the story. http://www.10news.com/news/27421748/detail.html

    They were armed and exchanged fire. Changed your mind?

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  • ely
    Oct 27, 01:29 PM
    I mentioned it in the other thread, but Apple is sponsoring a tech recycling event for schools and the public throughout Hawaii this week.

    Also, thanks for the Apple environment link. Didn't know about the 10% discount on iPods when turning in an old one. With no educational discounts on iPods anymore, that's a pretty decent deal.

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  • OllyW
    Mar 30, 12:11 PM
    Just for those that insist Microsoft only ever uses the term 'program' . XP dates back to 2001.


    Fancy bringing up facts to ruin their argument. :D

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  • Ugg
    Apr 17, 04:50 PM



    ACSH is a right wing think tank, eco-imperialism needs not further explanation, winteryknight is the same.

    There's no science in any of the articles to back up your claims, only opinion. Could you please provide links to the actual science?

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  • Dr.Gargoyle
    Sep 14, 08:36 AM
    Anyone know when we might see an update to the MacBook (not MBP)???
    A MacBook update at the largest photo convention? why?:confused:

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  • Peace
    Sep 5, 01:19 PM
    I would figure in the meantime they would continue to sell products in areas that they are not restricted. Oh well.

    They would.If you've checked out the iSight it has a ship date of October.

    My guess is they stopped making them in order to redesign them.And since they have to redesign them why not make them better.wink...wink...nudge...nudge..;)

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  • ArcaneDevice
    Mar 23, 04:51 PM
    I don't think cops here even do this. I take it a checkpoint stops all cars? I've never seen that in my decades in MN. We have frequent notices (last one was on 3/17) on our highway info signs that say "Increased DUI patrol" or similar, no actual checkpoints.

    In NC last year:

    Officers set up more than 2,300 sobriety checkpoints and dedicated patrols across the state for the Highway Safety Program�s Booze It and Lose It campaign Oct. 29-31.

    Of the 774 DWI charges issued, Wake, Mecklenburg and Pitt counties were among those with the highest number of arrests. Fifty-two people were arrested in both Wake and Mecklenburg counties; and 42 people were charged in Pitt County.

    Officers also issued 1,203 seat belt and 262 child passenger safety violations, 5,565 speeding violations and 405 drug charges.

    In addition, they arrested 242 fugitives and recovered 19 stolen vehicles.

    So forgetting the fact that they caught some drunks, they also caught criminals and junkies as well as dicks who can't drive.

    That's a bonus.

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  • BC2009
    Mar 30, 12:16 PM
    Is anyone currently using the term Burger Store? Has anyone built a brand using the term Burger Store? Does the general public think of a particular store when someone says Burger Store? I'm pretty sure people do not say "hey lets go to the Burger Store." The term Burger Store has no mindshare from what I know with the general public. No one uses it as a brand name.

    Try "Burger Place" or "Burger Restaurant".

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  • gnasher729
    Mar 30, 12:14 PM
    What about "Burger Store" ?

    Let's say you have a conversation with a friend like this "I'd really like a burger right now. " "Ok, where shall we go? " "To the nearest xxx, of course!". Which of these could you imagine saying without your friend thinking you are weird:

    Burger King
    Mc Donald's
    burger place
    burger store.

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  • prezpat2020
    Aug 28, 03:22 PM
    I dream of a new macbook pro enclosure...

    Amen to that! Give me the Santa Rosa with a new MacBook Pro enclosure and 10.5 preinstalled... THEN I'll upgrade from my sturdy G3 iBook!

    Aug 28, 05:10 PM
    Only if you buy the machine but don't open the box (unless you're willing to pay a 10% restocking fee). And that's only if you get the standard config, no custom BTO. Plus if you order it, you'll pay shipping back to them.

    Actually NONE of the pc companies have made the transition. They haven't shipped a single machine with the new chips, just made announcements of shipments days or weeks away (and that was just earlier today...even if apple was behind, they'd only be hours behind, not even a full day). Right now apple is only behind in press releases, which has nothing to do with being ready to adapt to an intel platform. Now ranting about PC companies that haven't shipped the new machines yet...THAT is ridiculous.

    I also think (this is my personal opinion, is not based on facts but just my impression) that apple has more "intense" followers than HP o Dell. Apple fans are always waiting for the latest and greatest from apple. They talk about new products making all kinds of speculation and rumors. (just like this thread)

    While HP and Dell (gateway, toshiba etc) dont seem to have people as excited about their new product releases. They can say, in two weeks we will release this laptop with this processor and no one really cares as much as if apple would make the same statement.

    These companies just sell appliances. People who are in the market for a windows based PC/laptop just look at what is currently available and buy what fufills their needs. Then they forget about HP (or any other manufacturer) until is time to replace their equipment.

    But then again I may be wrong.

    May 1, 05:49 AM
    I think you're gonna get pretty disappointed. It wont't have blu-ray, likely no usb3, less likely that it'll have 2GBVram, the only way you're getting another hdd is to take out the optical drive, and it won't support 24GB of RAM.

    I know I'll be disappointed if it doesn't come with that spec and I did add comments to the side reinforcing the fact I am realistic, but I would expect it to at least support 24GB considering there are Sandy Bridge mainboards that do support that while 1GB graphics is pretty standard now (well for PC).

    2 internal HDDs and no i3 option is just wishful thinking though ;) While Bluray I can understand from an Apple stand point why it wont be an addition anytime soon.

    However consider this, the last MBP release did surprise many with regards to the specs and performance. Many speculated it would be i3/5 and BTO would have i7 while the other main rumor speculated would not come with Thundercats or a 1GB Video card option.

    Lately with regards to specs I think Apple are getting a little better with releasing competitive spec machines.

    Apr 24, 05:35 PM
    Yeah it should be, there's no hard drive to make noise and unless you keep it on a stove or do insanely heavy processing you shouldn't hear the fan either.

    Sandy Bridge should also run more efficiently than the C2D. That will not only extend baterry life, but it will also keep the normal operation temperatures down.

    (Oops! I replied twice. Is there a way to delete my own post?)

    Feb 27, 06:09 AM
    I am constantly amazed at the number of people who buy into this crap!

    Here, I'll try to spell it out for you:
    Apple has no antivirus for IOS because it would be completely useless. In order for a virus to get through to an IOS device it has to get past Apple's reviewers. That's the only way to install software of any kind on IOS, including malware.

    Maybe the 'antivirus' for iOS.. will be more of a barrier, since they are wireless and bluetooth enabled etc... Isn't it pretty simple for certain programs to scan for vulnerable iOS devices.?

    !� V �!
    Apr 25, 03:56 PM
    hoping for apple te thin the screen bezel. Also hope the main build will have no optical drive. but will make it optional. I do not need one, some do.

    for all those crying for an optical drive. buy an external one. i bet most of you guys will benefit more of having an SSD+HDD instead of one of either with an optical drive.

    next year i expect, slight resolution bump. hi-res option becomes standard. Lighter/ not thinner design. A better ventilation. hopefully 2 thunderbolt ports (instead of FW800) but only if we have advanced enough with converters from TB.

    I do not expect usb3 i think apple will never, as they do with bluray. And as most of you are already very unpleased with this. The future is digital. Within 5 years 2K movies can be downloaded in minutes and also streamed. as far as usb3 apple will sell thier special Thunderbolt to USB3 converter for $30.

    People crying for an Optical Driver where the same ones crying when the Floppy was removed from the original iMac and cried that it would fail. Sometimes these people just need a push in the direction or the vision of Apple. Knowing the PC industry they will still have Floppy and Optical Drivers when Apple moves to something else in the future. :p

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